Best Ways to Make New Friends

Debbie Luv 2 Mingle

You are reserved during the day and through the week for your job, but on the weekends and weeknights you are itching to burst out of your shell and do something exciting and fun.

Do you love to mingle?

Get ready for some good news. Luv to Mingle is a club that offers an ideal meeting place for those who are over 30 and want to party at upscale clubs. Those who want to dance to a wide range of music from Motown classics of the sixties to disco classics of the seventies, eighties, nineties and all of the dance club music that gets you going!

DJs who know what to play and how to get those spectators out onto the dance floor are the best kind of party instigators. These DJs have decades of experience and know how to get the party started. Club nights are held at special venues that are designed to accommodate dancing with massive dance floors. There are ample areas with great seating where people can easily mingle and get to know one another.

Love dancing, but hate sweating?

If you answered yes, then – no problem, these clubs have air conditioning, making the dance floor a place where you can let loose and not have to worry about getting all sweaty and looking horribly unattractive.

Easy membership

Are you looking for a great way to make new friends? We make it simple to apply for membership – just print out the form that can be found on the website and bring it with you to your first visit. Show the proper identification including proof of your name and address and you will be granted a membership. You pay your membership fee on your first visit and a nominal admission fee each time you attend the club. You must show your membership card each time you attend the club. Memberships expire at the end of July and must be renewed at that time.

Luv to Mingle is one of the best dance party clubs in the UK. We are the original over 30s dance party, established in 1975. We are professionally staffed and always make professional arrangements for the best and most fun night out for all concerned. We are a club for couples and for singles, and anyone ideally aged over 30 years. We are a classy establishment and ask that you dress very smart casual, smart denim or dress to impress. Gentlemen must wear shirts fully buttoned.

There is plenty of parking, so you do not have to worry about where you are going to park your car.

Don’t miss out on another moment of the dance party action. Luv to Mingle is one of the most exciting dance party clubs that is currently operating in the UK. We want to show you what a great time you can have, so come on down and join us for our biggest dance party nights! Your new friends are waiting to meet you and party with you!

Friends Hands toasting drinks