Meeting People in Bristol – The Ideal Place

Debbie Luv 2 Mingle

If you are interested in meeting people in Bristol and are tired of all the regular things you have tried in the past, then you need to take a look at something different.

Introducing Luv2Mingle

There is an exclusive club called Luv2Mingle which is for members only and is aimed at anyone who is older than 30. What you will notice right away is that when those who are under 30 are eliminated from a club like this that things are a lot different.

You will not have to be concerned about meeting people who are simply too young and immature that you have no interest in socialising with. Instead you will know that everyone in the club is at least 30 years of age.

Meet like-minded people

This club caters to people in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s (well any one over 30) and is the ideal meeting place for anyone over 30 who wants to find a place that is upmarket for dancing and listening to a wide range of music.

Whether you love Motown classics or you like disco music from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s or even modern dance music, Luv 2 Mingle has DJs that are experienced in making every night flow so that the dance party never stops. Club nights are held at a variety of venues, making it easy for those who want to start meeting people in Bristol.

The dance floors in the club night venues are ideal for dancing and socialising and there is great seating, plenty of parkingonce the dance party gets started.

How to Join Luv2Mingle so you Can Make New Friends

Since about 1975 the dance party has been professionally arranged and staffed, making certain that you have the most amazing night of your life. You need to apply for membership the first time you decide to attend a dance party with the club. This is a simple procedure; you just print off a form, fill it in and bring it with you when you arrive at the club.

You will be asked for ID along with proof of your name and address before you will be granted a membership. You must then pay the membership and admin fee. If you want to receive constant updates from the club, then all you need to do is provide your mobile number.

This will ensure that you receive all of the latest offers and news from the club. Your information is completely safe with Luv2Mingle and will not be given to anyone else, ever.


Who should join?

The option of this membership club is a good one for anyone who wants to start meeting people in Bristol. The usual options are not really that effective, especially these days when it is difficult to meet people that have the same interests in a safe environment.

The clubs have dress requirements of very smart casual, so you should dress to impress. Gentlemen Should Wear Collared Shirts (No T Shirts or Trainers). Luv 2 Mingle offers a fun and unique experience for singles or couples that cannot be had anywhere.