Looking for a great way to end the week?

Debbie Luv 2 Mingle

You work 9 to 5 five days a week and you really look forward to your weekends. What do you look forward to when the week finally ends?

Some people go out for dinner with friends while others go to a movie. Some just go home and plop themselves down on the couch, watching the television until they fall asleep in front of it and then slide off to bed.

Does this sound like you?
If so, what are you doing? Why aren’t you out having fun? A new kind of club called Luv 2 Mingle gets the dance party revved up every night in a new and exciting location. We have super experienced DJs who know what to play to get the dance floor pumping. They play a wide range of dance party hits from sixties Motown to the electronic dance hits of today.

There is sure to be a song that will make you want to slide out onto the dance floor and show off your sexy dance moves. Maybe you are a secret disco queen and have some amazing moves… we don’t know until you show us!

Most people do not want to go out to a club because they are over 30 and they feel “old” when they walk into a club and see a bunch of young people who are obviously under 25. That’s why Luv to Mingle offers a fun environment for those who are over 30.
We sell membership cards to our members and ask for proof of age to ensure that those who are under 30 do not make it into the club. Our club is for mature people who are looking to have a really great time without having to work too hard at it.

Many people come to Luv to Mingle to see their friends or to make new ones, but either way it is a great time for everyone involved. We are so sure that you will have a great time that we have to sell memberships to limit the amount of people who can come through the doors and be a part of our exclusive club. We love to see people have a great time and we know that those who come through the doors for the first time are going to return again and again.

We have a certain image to uphold, so we ask that all of our members follow a certain dress code and keep the club looking posh. Each member is asked to present their card when they arrive at the club and no one gets in without showing their card.

What are you doing tonight?
Watching reruns of some stupid television show or thinking about doing something fun and exciting? Why not come to Luv to Mingle and see what an exciting time we have to offer? We promise that once you come through these doors you will be looking forward to it every weekend from now until the end of time.

People dancing to the disco beat.