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When you move to a new town, city, or start a new job, it can be difficult to build a new social circle. The demands of settling in successfully with your new position often take up all your time, leaving you little energy or time to get out and meet people.

This is where comes in. We’re not a cheesy singles website at all, and this is not a club to help you find a partner. Instead, it’s a group where people come together to meet other people and make friends, dance is a great way to do this.

Are you someone who likes to go out and try new things? Is dancing one of your interests? Then mingles might be a club for you to try.  We have popular events each month in many areas to help you dance the nights away and make friends. You are welcome to come whether you are single or in a couple; some of the most lasting friendships that have formed from this site have begun when two or more couples met at an event and became friends.

The vast majority of our members are in their 40’s or older, so if you’re 22 and looking for a group to head out dancing with, you might find our events not quite to your speed plus we do only let people over 30 in. However, for those who have calmed down a bit (the term calmed down we just use here to put of those young ones that cant keep up with us – haha) and are looking for fun evenings together, is one of the more popular choices out there.

Here’s how it works. After you have joined the club, you simply wait to get text notifications or look at the clubs and events near you and see what events are upcoming. You can always go to the website to see what future dance clubs / events are on the way. There’s no pressure, you don’t get annoying messages from other members who are looking to make some kind of connection (unless you give out your personal email at an event), and if one of our events strikes your fancy, then come on out and have a great time.

Our site offers complete confidentiality as far as your personal information goes. asks for much less information than some of the other activity websites, because our primary business is setting up fun events for our members rather than trying to facilitate meetings between them. Our servers have the latest in protection technology so that some of the identity theft stories that have happened to other websites do not affect our business.

If you are looking to get out and about and make some new friends, let help you get started with some casual events where everyone is looking to meet people and build some more relationships with people. There’s no reason to sit at home and spend another night in front of the telly just because you’re new in town or not sure where to go. After just one event, you can have several new friends to go out with when you’re ready for an evening out on the town, or another dance or just to invite round for drinks. Check out our website today!

making friends through wine and dance

Remember a stranger is just a friend you have not got to know yet!

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